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WFAA Scholarship Application

WFAA is pleased to offer training scholarship opportunities to its members. Generally, we offer a scholarship to the WASFAA Jerry R. Sims Management Leadership Institute and the WASFAA Sister Dale Brown Summer Institute. One scholarship is awarded per event to provide event registration.

Please indicate which scholarship you are applying for and submit a complete scholarship application by the posted deadline that will be reviewed by the Awards & Nominations Committee.

Check the training for which you are applying for a scholarship:
 CLOSED      WASFAA Management and Leadership Institute
     November 7-9 2017, Benson Hotel in Portland, Oregon.
      Applications will be due September 20, 2017.

 CLOSED      2017 WASFAA Summer Institute Basic Track
     Dates and location to be determined. Applications will
     open on March 15, 2018 and will be due April 15, 2018.

 First Name
 Last Name

 Work Phone
 (Area Code, Number, Extension)
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 (Area Code, Number)
 - -

 Work Address
 Street or PO Box


State Zip

 Present Position

Years in Financial Aid

 Present Classification
 Clerical     Technical     Advisor/Counselor     Administrator
 Asst./Assoc. Director     Other (please specify)  

 Home Address
    Street or PO Box
State Zip
Gender  Male     Female
 1.   Have you ever attended this particular training offering before?
Yes            No
 2.   Will you write a follow-up article about your experience for the WFAA Executive Council or newsletter?
Yes            No
To be considered for the scholarship program, you must provide an essay/personal statement outlining the following
  1. Your reason for applying for the scholarship;
  2. Your responsibilities in your current position;
  3. Your career goals in the field;
  4. The benefits you expect to receive from attending the training.

 Enter your statement in the text area below.
 No HTML please. The box will scroll - use as much space as you need.

I have discussed the training with my supervisor and I understand that if selected, I would be required to pay the annual association membership fee.
I Agree            I Disagree
My Supervisor has approved my consideration for this scholarship and approved release time to attend the training.
Yes                  No
Supervisor's Name    

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